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Our daily lives can provide a medley of activities and experiences that can sometimes distract us from our heart's truest aspirations. In this 6-day yoga and life coaching retreat, we will create a sacred space for you to unwind and gracefully reconnect with your inner being. Through transformational coaching that is both supportive and nurturing, we will be exploring ways to honor your heart’s own unique wisdom and guidance. To help complement your journey through coaching, our yoga sessions will be focused on opening and centering the body, and aligning it with your heart's center. Set in one of the most breathtaking and natural environments in the world, with daily excursions designed to both awe and inspire you, this one retreat you will keep close to your heart for a lifetime !


THE ENVIRONMENT: The Amazon, known for it’s mystical and magical properties, will be sure to energize, renew, and liven your spirits. Imagine, unplugging from life as you know it, and flowing into the mystery that is this mighty treasure. Waking up to birds chirping, yoga on the banks of the river at dawn, meditating in the rain forests with shamans at night, and inspirational activities designed to help inspire and transform you. With daily excursions designed to satiate any cravings you may have for adventure. Activities may include boating beside a rare fresh water pink dolphin, or spotting a jaguar or spider monkey at one of the animal preserves. We will also be visiting local villages through the visit-a-village program and have a rare opportunity to know the people of the Amazon in their true culture and beauty. THIS is one retreat where all the elements merge.